My name is Christine and I’ve lived abroad for a combined total of 10 years now. Now, most of this time has been spent in France and I’ve recently got “the itch.” I felt the need to shock my system with the unknown, to find new ways of looking at things and to go on a new adventure.

So, I decided to move to China. Except, I won’t be alone. In all honesty, we decided to move to China. I’ll be traveling with my fiance, Juan, and our 2 year old son, Noah.

I love many things – but at the top of the list has got to be learning languages, cooking and being with people. I speak English, French and Spanish. I love languages so much that I decided to pursue my degree (in business and…languages) in France, just so I wouldn’t lose my French.

Although I would love to be able to say that I had mastered more, I can only proclaim to have ‘dabbled’ in others: Portuguese, Italian and Russian. But I am determined to learn Chinese as our little adventure unfolds, and have already discovered it isn’t quite as hard as I had expected when I’d only ever just looked at a slew of characters and thought, “Wow.”

For the moment, I am an English teacher. I have been for 5 years now. I love that this line of work has the possibility of allowing a person to escape the ordinary. Or perhaps it allows a person to create a new ordinary.

I also do freelance translations, and hope that one day I’ll be able to dedicate my time to blogging about my experiences abroad and translating.