Chinese is not something I’ve been passionate about for a very long time. It always seemed a bit overwhelming to me and I always said I’d want to learn Russian if I was going to go outside of romance languages. Never say never.

When I pulled out the map and got down to job hunting for my next English job, China seemed to be the right fit. If I’m going to move to a country, I’m going to at least attempt to learn how to communicate.

That being said, a bit of a language nerd, I’ve always been against getting a tattoo if you don’t know what it says. Apparently, for good reason! Take a look-Justin Timberlake has a tattoo that says ICE SKATING?? Logical, manly, the next Brian Boitano?


chineasyThe concept? Learn a few root characters, say eight, and learn 68 words that use them. Build on those by adding a few more characters and very quickly you can read 200 words! If only it were that easy…but it is says Chineasy creator who is developing a very visual way of learning traditional Chinese characters.

I’ve checked her website which is still in its developing stages. She doesn’t really focus on the actual Chinese pronunciation, but just the character recognition-which is unfortunate for a language geek like me who wants every single aspect of the language (and I want it noooow) at my fingertips. I went on her Facebook page and she has mentioned on a post that she is in the throes of developing a language training site as well. Which I’m sure will be fascinating. Each part of life gets its own time, right?

It’s pretty creative all the same, and would work really well for someone like me who is a visual-learner. I need to see it to learn it-and I actually already invent stories when I can with individual characters. Of course, some of hers are actually using the origins or can be used with multiple words and she has all of that kinda cute and colorful graphic design going on (I’ve never illustrated my feeble attempts to actually write Chinese characters).