Yes, I sound like I’m all wobbly. I’m not terrified it that is what you’re thinking. Although, if you don’t know how to speak a language that uses different tones, I dare you to try to hesitantly use new vocabulary words and try to pay attention to the tones you are using!

It’s kinda like jumping rope with your feet tied together and your hands behind your back…blindfolded. Easy, right?

So this is my 4 month video. There are times when I study 3 hours a day and weeks where I haven’t found the time to study even once a week. You might say it was the equivalent of 3 month Chrissie.

This is admittedly more than I could have done at the beginning, given I had no prior knowledge of Chinese (except the vague notion of xie4xie4, of course), so I’m really quite proud of myself.

Enjoy! (I mean, flinch, run for earplugs, press mute…save yourselves!)