So, here are some more HK pictures for you. You can tell we don’t live there…I think I took more pictures there than I have here in Chengdu. Bad Chrissie.


Yes, this is Jackie Chan. We had a fun time here.








He really got into it. I think he could be a Chinese movie star…between the dashing good lucks, his amazing martial art form, and the attention the Chinese love giving him…



victoria harborWalking along…Not as many people as you’d expect.





This is the colonial clock at the end of the main drag along Victoria Harbour. Bitty, they had ducks…




ducknmJealous? If I took a fair amount just for you!







He gets to people watch…I wonder if he sees any exotic species from his little perch…



We went back to the harbour for a night view..we were also promised fireworks…little did we know that it was a five minute show, thousands of tourists and a 40 minute subway trip…




Noah was a bit squirrelly…





I’ll leave you with this question…who was the tourist here, them or us?



I’m finally uploading pictures from our trip to Hong Kong last month. We got to walk around the city a couple of times, but not as much as we had hoped because it was raining the first couple of days.



Here are Noah and Juan perched illegally on a fountain not too far from Victoria Harbor.



The taxis…’wrong’ side of the street of course.



One of the charms of Hong Kong were the lush, green mountains that battled for our attention on the HK skyline.



Of course, I thought this picture was a bit ironic…


chinese pig

On the walk of stars, we found this pig and Noah blew his admirers a kiss…or maybe it was for you…

Stay tuned for part 2…