Here is a list of sites that have been useful to me for arranging my visit to China (we’re talking language programs, other blogs, anything that pops up, etc.)

Chinese Learn Online:

I use this one as a paid subscription and have been, overall, really satisfied with their podcasts, learning materials and prompt web workers (they can’t be called that, but…). You can leave a question related to learning Chinese and they get back to you within the day with a nice answer+examples (sometimes). Really enjoying this one, folks-but don’t take my word for it…check it out! Podcasts are free to use and try to decipher… I mean, understand!

Chinese Learn Online


This one used to be free, but they have recently turned it into a paid service. They have uploaded a bunch of movie clips, commericals, songs, etc. and have added their own Chinese characters, pinyin, Eng. subtitles. You can make your own vocabulary lists and they have review sections as well. I haven’t subscribed yet, but will probably make the switch upon arriving in China.

CCTV Groving Up With Chinese Video Series:

This is a great free series for Chinese beginners. I have been using it to consolidate my Chinese basics and am learning more about adverbs and root verbs without having to focus too much on new vocabulary. It is a free video aimed at learning a language, so it can be a little ‘old-school’ but I like it.

Growing up With Chinese

Chinese Reading Practice

Yay for the lady who authored this site. Short texts in Chinese and you can zoom over any character and get a dictionary definition and show and hide the English translation at will. Each lesson includes a list of ‘essential’ vocabulary. I have been looking at a site that will allow me to practice reading characters!

Just Learn Chinese

I’ve only had the time to check out two sections, but this site is FREE and it is AWESOME for two reasons: a) short stories with vocabulary lists for beginner and intermediate learners, click here b) grammar break downs (I have been looking for an online site as the grammar aide I bought for my tablet falls short of my expectations; mainly because it won’t zoom in and out as much as I would like), click here for grammar


Informative Sites you wouldn’t take me seriously if I didn’t link you through to this site. The site owner has been there for 8 years now, but he doesn’t fly solo-he works with contributors that have all kinds of things to say about being a foreigner in China! also want to spend some time browsing. I think this might have more info on living in the larger cities of China, although I am going to check and see if the blogs they recommend are recent/good reads.


Blogs I love her descriptions, details and most of all…PHOTOS! This girl has been rockin’ the China Casbah for 4 years now and she has traveled throughout quite a few cities in Southern China. Not where we’ll be, but fun (and informative) to read anyway! What does a British girl do fresh out of uni? Why hop on a plane to Ordos to teach English of course! I’ve just started this little blog and I’m liking its author’s rhythm and descriptions concerning her adventures whilst completing 2 years in China. She is nearing the end of her adventure, but a great site for pics.


Making your own blog/website about China (or travels, or anything really!): Host Gator is a web host provider-they are one of the major ones (bluehost and hostmonster are two other providers that often come up in reviews and searches) and most of these providers offer similar packages. I’ve been happy with hostgator and find their service easy to use. There are tons of tutorials out there to help you install WordPress on your control panel in host gator, which made starting out easy. You can get an additional 25% off by typing in “igniteursite” in the coupon code.


A few of the paid programs here are affiliate programs. This is not a bad thing, because anything that I recommend here that is an affiliate link is a product or a service that I have tried, tested and deemed to be true. It won’t change anything for you, but you will allow me to maintain this blog by giving me and my family the financial freedom to have amazing new experiences, which is what this blog is all about anyway! 

If you would like more information about any of these sites or would like to advertise with me, please send me a message on my contact me page. I will do my best to answer anyone and everyone!